Terms of service for Yrcat.com

Welcome to Yrcat.com! These Terms of Service (the "Terms") govern your use of our website, located at yrcat.com (the "Site"), and the services and products provided by Yrcat LLC ("we," "us," or "our") through the Site. By accessing or using the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the Site.

Users can register a profile at this page: https://yrcat.com/us/towing/towtruck/add. The registration of the profile is free of charge. To register the profile, a user must fill in all required fields and press the submit button. The information provided by the user must be valid and correct.

The user must provide a valid image that refers to its business according to the photo requirements. If the provided image does not meet the photo requirements, it will not be published. The moderation of the added profile is provided by the Customer Service member and takes no more than 3 days. After successful moderation, the profile is published at Yrcat.com.

Users can have 1 registered profile for provided contacts (company name, e-mail, phone number). Registered profiles without paid options may partially hide some fields from the profile. The user can delete its profile at any time by sending a request through the Contact form at Yrcat.com.

A registered user can advertise its profile by activating a paid option. The list of paid options with its description is published at Advertising page.

Paid options
Paid options name and description are provided at https://yrcat.com/us/towing/advertising. The prices are listed in US Dollars. The user can choose either "One-time payment" or "Subscription" for a paid option. If the user has chosen "One-time payment," the selected paid option will be automatically cancelled after 30 days. If the user has chosen "Subscription," the selected paid option will be automatically renewed every 30 days until cancelled by the user.

The paid option is activated for 30 days. A user can use only 1 paid option for its profile. If a user adds another paid option besides the activated paid option, the new paid option will be activated after the ending of the active paid option. Users cannot change paid options to another before the end of the activation of the paid option.

The user can cancel a subscription for the paid option by sending a request through the Contact form at Yrcat.com before the next automatic payment.

The performance is a measure for all available web traffic at Yrcat.com in the chosen city/town and category during the activated paid option for the profile according to the chosen plan. The performance is not a constant value and may vary for different periods. Yrcat.com directs its web traffic to a user's profile with an activated paid option according to the performance rate.

Refund policy
Yrcat.com provides Refund policy according to "Refund Policy for Yrcat.com".

Privacy policy
Yrcat.com provides Privacy policy according to "Privacy Policy for Yrcat.com".

Security policy
Yrcat.com provides Security policy according to "Security Policy fo Yrcat.com".

Promo programs
Yrcat.com implements promo programs to satisfy and attract new customers. All promo programs have limited period and terms of promo program listed at the Promo Program Page. All customers who meet the requirements of the promo program can participate in them. Customer support is provided by contacting through the Contact form at the Yrcat.com.

Customer support
Customer support is provided by contacting through the Contact form at the Yrcat.com To contact Customer support member through the Contact form you must fill in your name, your phone, your email and your message.

The answer for your support request will be send by email not more than 3 days later. If you have not received an answer within 3 days please send your request again.

Yrcat LLC
8 The Green STE R,  Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (929) 456-5071
Contact form for all requests: https://yrcat.com/us/towing/contacts