Advertising at

You can advertise at website. Please choose a paid option and activate your profile.
The performance of advertising depends on the choosen paid option. The subscription renews automatically for each 30 days.

Paid option name Price for the period* Performance**
Minimal $99 5%
Minimal Pro $199 10%
Standard $299 25%
Standard Pro $499 35%
Maximal  $749 50%
Maximal Pro $999 100%

*Paid period equals 30 days. Prices are listed in US Dollars ($).
**Performance equals all available web traffic at in chosen city/town during your paid period according the choosen plan.

How to activate your profile?
1) Find your profile at or add a new profile at this page.
2) Press the "Activate profile" button on your profile's page.
3) Select the paid option and press the "Pay now" button.
4) Confirm your payment.

How to cancel or change the paid option?
You can cancel the subscription at your profile page at any time. Just press the "Manage subscription" button and then "Cancel Subscription".
You can also send us a message via the Contact form to cancel the subscription.